Sri Chinmoy Lake Swim 2020

The Sri Chinmoy Lake Swim is swum each year over three distance options: 5km, 2.5km and 500m. Age groups are under 50 50-59, 60-69, and 70 and over for the 2.5km and 5km and under 13, under 17, and 17 and over for the 500 metres swim.

The 34th annual swim was held last Sunday 23rd February, on a clear morning, however the lake was not so clear. Instead of being swum over the usual 2.5km course at Yarralumla Bay the swim had to be moved to a 1.25km course starting and finishing at the Acton Ferry Terminal.

Four of our members and several Vikings swimmers contested this year’s events with all four finishing in a place. For the Vikings results see their website, but our members, Brendon Tasker, Alex Grove, Tim Booth and Geoff Llewellyn, all of whom swam without a wetsuit, are shown below.

Geoff and Tim both contested the 2.5km event with Geoff finishing in 1 hour 26 minutes and 44 seconds to win the over 70 division. Geoff is in the 85-89 group in Masters. Tim was narrowly edged into second place in the 60-69 age 2.5km event, only 25 seconds behind first place. Tim swam 48 minutes 54 seconds. He still holds the record of 43 minutes 27 seconds for this age group.

Swimming against much younger competitors Alex was 3rd of nine swimmers in her 17 and over 500m event swimming 10 minutes and 31 seconds. Well done Alex.

Ironman Brendon was our only contestant in the 5km swim and he finished 3rd in the under 50 event in 1 hour 32 minutes and 52 seconds. The contestants enjoyed a pancake breakfast after leaving the water.

The presentations were made by Andrew Leigh the member for Fenner in our Commonwealth Parliament. Pictured are second from left Alex Grove and half-hidden behind Geoff Llewellyn.

In late November or early December each year, the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim is staged along the full 9 km length of Lake Burley Griffin for solo swimmers and relay teams of 4.

NSW Short Course Championships

80 year old Gary Stutsel was the only Molonglo Water Dragons swimmer to contest the Masters Swimming NSW Short Course Championships held at the Woy Woy Pool on the weekend of the 12th and 13th October.

Gary swam with the Tuggeranong Vikings team and competed in three of the five relay events contested by the Vikings. The teams scored one first place, three seconds and a fourth, all in the 200 plus age group. Gary’s swims were in the Men’s 4 x 50m Freestyle (4th), the Mixed 4 x 50m Medley (1st) where he led off in the backstroke leg in 49.50 seconds, 1.70 faster than his individual swim and the 4 x 50m Mixed Medley where he swam the freestyle leg in 35.87 seconds , 1.44 seconds faster than his individual Freeestyle swim.

Gary contested the maximum allowed five individual events scoring top points in each of the five for a total of 50 points. This placed him equal first with Manly’s Tony Goodwin in the 80-84 Age group.

The Vikings finished 4th of 34 clubs in the Club Total Points score with 584 points from its 11 swimmers behind Warringah 1169 (25 swimmers), Manly 994 (19), and Wett Ones 847 (22). In all 250 plus swimmers from the 34 clubs competed on the weekend.

Quality won over quantity in the Average Points per club competition with the Vikings averaging 53.09 points to take the trophy. Runners up were Manly (average 52.32) and Raymond Terrace (51.20).

We are looking forward to seeing much greater participation from Molonglo swimmers at the Masters National Championships in Sydney next April and the Spring Championships at the AIS Pool next October.


Early Winter Interclub 16 June 2018 – 25m course at Gunghalin

On a clear sunny Canberra Sunday afternoon 46 swimmers, 8 non-swimming officials and about a dozen non swimming supporters met at the Gungahlin Leisure Centre. The workers arrived before 1.30pm to set everything up with the able assistance of Lachlan and his staff at the Centre. As it was winter there was hardly another person in the deep end of the pool where we were to swim, even though we had booked only four of the eight lanes for our use.

After everything was set up, the competition got under way five minutes late at 2.35pm. Why five minutes late? Because we had to almost beg for 8 timekeepers to come forward. Perhaps we need to insist that participating clubs supply one full time timekeeper for every five swimmers or something along those lines. As it was, apart from a handful of dedicated full timers, most of our timekeepers were also competing so there was a constant turnover. On the other hand it was heart warming to see David Leake one of our Queanbeyan members going through his paces as trainee Chief Timekeeper. Under the watchful eye of Tuggeranong’s Ann Reid, David came through this pressure test with flying colours. Well done David.

Our non-swimming officials Lenny Partridge and Audrey Stutsel were busy all afternoon with Audrey marshalling the swimmers into their heats and Lenny working with Pete Sharman on recording all the results. Marg Larkin with a little help especially from President John organised the refreshments, that is tea, coffee and water with cakes and biscuits. A big thank you to Nerida McCorkell and Phil Browning, Roger Carter, Mary Liz Partridge, John Collis, Keran Titmuss and to anyone I have missed who brought along cakes or biscuits.

There was a full program of 11 individual events and a relay. Competitors were allowed to swim in four of the individual events and the majority did. This meant that over three hours they had five events, about one every 30 minutes, although several swam in two consecutive 25 metre events giving them only five minutes between both swims. Despite the pressure almost all of our swimmers swam faster than their entry times and it was pleasing to see that every Water Dragon swim was in the Top 25 for New South Wales (NSW) this year. For the actual results see the table of detailed results that follows.

Two of our swimmers swam a number 1 time, that is the fastest time in their event and age group in NSW this year. They were our President John Collis and Chris Loose our Queanbeyan Co-ordinator. It was great to welcome the four-swimmer team from Sapphire Coast again and to also have Stephen de Lorenzo of the Penrith Club, our only Sydney swimmer. We look forward to being joined by swimmers from Goulburn and Young when next we compete.

Gininderra Club from the CISAC Pool fielded a team of five while Tuggeranong had 19 and we Water Dragons 17. Unfortunately Geoff Llewellyn, Nerrida McCorkell and Gary Stutsel were unable to swim. There presence may have been able to help us edge out the Vikings but as it was they outscored us 805 to 744.

While the full results for all swimmers are available on both the National Results Portal and the MSNSW website, the times and places for each of the Water Dragons follow below. Of particular interest are the swimmers’ positions in the New South Wales Top 25 (as at 16th June 2019).

Photo: President, John Collis, leading the Water Dragons cheering squad.

Age Group Name Event Time Event place NSW Ranking for 2019 ytd
50-54 Karen Titmuss  50m Freestyle 36.59 1 5
100m Freestyle 1:26.21 1 4
50m Breaststroke 45.28 1 2
100m Breaststroke 1:41.59 1 2
Mary Liz Partridge  25m Freestyle 22.27 2 7
 25m Backstroke 25.95 3 3
 50m Backstroke 56.81 3 5
 25m Breaststroke 31.88 1 3
55-59 Tanya Colyer  25m Backstroke 32.27 2 11
 50m Backstroke 1:13.75 2 6
100m Butterfly 2:49.03 2 4
200m Medley 5:43.56 1 3
Marg Larkin 100m Freestyle 1:40.72 2 7
200m Freestyle 3:41.42 2 7
65-69 Chris Hayhoe  50m Freestyle 52.07 2 8
200m Freestyle 4:12.44 1 7
 25m Backstroke 33.60 2 12
 25m Butterfly 29.06 1 6
35-39 Alistair Buttimore  50m Freestyle 32.34 1 7
100m Freestyle 1:14.24 1 5
100m Medley 1:24.56 1 5
45-49 Brendon Tasker  25m Freestyle 14.15 1 4
 50m Freestyle 31.53 2 4
200m Freestyle 2:46.57 1 5
50-54 Phil Browning  25m Freestyle 19.11 1 9
 50m Freestyle 44.40 1 9
 25m Backstroke 23.86 1 2
 25m Breaststroke 26.41 1 4
55-59 Chris Loose  50m Freestyle 33.50 1 4
100m Freestyle 1:26.77 1 5
 25m Breaststroke 18.93 1 1
 50m Breaststroke 42.87 1 3
David Specker  25m Freestyle 14.69 1 3
 50m Freestyle 36.37 3 7
 25m Backstroke 20.44 1 3
 25m Breaststroke 25.73 3 6
60-64 Roger Carter  25m Freestyle 19.96 3 12
 50m Freestyle 45.02 3 19
100m Freestyle 1:41.29 3 11
 25m Backstroke 33.12 3 9
David Leake  25m Freestyle 21.12 4 13
 50m Freestyle 49.00 4 20
Gary Simms 100m Freestyle 1:23.72 2 6
 25m Backstroke 25.39 2 8
 50m Breaststroke 54.62 1 5
 25m Butterfly 21.84 2 3
65-69 Tim Booth  50m Freestyle 35.07 2 5
100m Freestyle 1:23.39 1 2
200m Freestyle 2:55.58 1 2
 25m Butterfly 20.09 2 3
John Collis  25m Breaststroke 18.04 1 1
 50m Breaststroke 40.63 1 2
200m Breaststroke 3:25.40 1 2
100m Medley 1:31.69 1 3
70-74 Peter Coggins  25m Freestyle 17.72 1 4
 50m Freestyle 43.41 1 5
100m Freestyle 1:46.93 1 3
200m Freestyle 4:07.19 1 5
75-79 Paul Maggs  25m Freestyle 20.46 1 8
 50m Freestyle 45.58 1 9
100m Freestyle 1:54.12 1 4
200m Freestyle 4:35.76 1 5


Women 200-239
Chris Hayhoe, Tanya Colyer 4 x 50m Freestyle 3:21.65 2 8
Mary-Liz Partridge, Karen Titmuss
Men 160-199
David Specker, Phi Browning 4 x 50m Freestyle 2:22.28 2 4
Brendon Tasker, Alistair Buttimore
Men 240-279
Gary Simms, Roger Carter 4 x 50m Freestyle 2:43.47 1 3
David Leake, Chris Loose
Mixed 280-319
Paul Maggs, Peter Coggins 4 x 50m Freestyle 2:42.12 1 4
John Collis, Tim Booth


Combined including relays (whose points are double)
Place Club Points
1 Tuggeranong (Vikings) 805
2 Molonglo (Water Force) 744
3 Ginninderra (Marlins) 145
4 Sapphire Coast (Bega-Pambula) 128

Keeping it in the family

Two years ago Molonglo Water Dragons President John Collis was awarded Male Swimmer of the Meet at the 2017 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games. John had swum three first places, each in record time, plus a second and a third to score better than any other male.

John returned to Cairns recently for the 2019 Games along with Gary Stutsel. This time John’s efforts were frustrated by Paul Gibson, of Darwin, a newcomer to the Games. John finished the meet with one gold (and a new record in the 50m Breaststroke) and five silver medals from the 50m and 100m Backstroke, the 100m and 200m Breaststroke and the 200m Individual Medley. Unfortunately John could not swim the maximum nine events as he had to leave early to attend the 50th year reunion of his high school graduation.

Club Treasurer, Gary, swam the maximum possible nine individual events to score first place in each, all in record times. Gary also swam in a relay team that won gold and broke a record. This gave him 10 gold medals, 10 records and Male Swimmer of the Meet. Gary also broke the Masters Swimming NSW record for the 100m Backstroke. This record had stood for 16 years!

Both swimmers are now looking forward to the rest of 2019 with several more competitions to come starting with the ACT Interclub Masters at Gungahlin on the 16th June.

Also competing in Cairns was Ron Watkins of the Tuggeranong Vikings Club. John swam against Gary and came away with two silver medals.

Well done the Water Dragons!

Both of our swimmers results are shown over the page. The full results can be seen at*&split=no&scope=&js=on



Name Event Time Event  place NSW Ranking
John Collis  50m Backstroke 44.91 2 6
100m Backstroke 1:46.88 2 7
  50m Breaststroke 40.51 1 2
100m Breaststroke 20.84 2 3
200m Breaststroke 3:37.99 2 2
200m Medley 3:32.95 2 2
Gary Stutsel  50m Freestyle 36.55 1 1
100m Freestyle 1:28.93 1 1
  50m Backstroke 48.58 1 1
100m Backstroke 1:45.05 1 1
200m Backstroke 4:00.65 1 1
 50m Breaststroke 1:01.77 1 3
100m Breaststroke 2:28.55 1 2
  50m Butterfly 53.27 1 2
200m Medley 4:13.71 1 2
Ron Watkins  50m Backstroke 57.23 2 2
 50m Butterfly 56.88 2 3

Both John and Gary swam an event about every 30 minutes and Gary’s Butterfly leg in the Mixed Medley Relay was swum in 53.49, only 0.22 seconds slower than his individual event.  Ron who was recovering from an injured shoulder was entered in three events but missed his 50m Freestyle swim due to unexpectedly heavy traffic.

Unfortunately Paul Maggs who had intended to swim could not attend as his wife June had to have an operation.

Molonglo Megasaurs Mega Swim for MS

Once again, the Molonglo Megasaurs, a guns-for-hire subset of the Molonglo Water Dragons lashed out on the weekend of 4-5 May to swim for 24 hours non-stop to raise funds for MS Australia.  A hardy team of 15 swimmers lined up to swim their weekend away, raising $2,345 to support people living with Multiple Sclerosis in the process.

This was a mighty effort, by all concerned, including club members Phil Browning, John Collis, Tanya Colyer, Margaret Hadfield, Marg Larkin, Chris Loose, Nerrida McCorkell, Nicole McMahon and Marg Wade.  Also swimming were Tuggeranong Vikings swimmers Denise Druitt and Nicolee Martin, and triathletes Jenn Hammerschmidt, Charlotte Lynch and Ashley Wolff. Other Molonglo swimmers swam with other teams, including Roger Carter, Megan O’Mara and Brendon Tasker.

A number of swimmers swam timed endurance swims during the event, including breast cancer survivor Nicole Mc Mahon who completed 60 minute and 30 minute swims and a 1500metre swim as part of her quest to swim 100,000metres to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The swim was overseen by our mascot Meg the Megasaur, purchased by Phil and Nerrida,

Good on you Megasaurs, you may be mega sore, but you should be feeling really good about yourselves for the good you have done.  Your efforts, and the donations you have generated will provide some help to people struggling with a relentless disease that disables the nervous system.

John Collis
Team Captain
Molonglo Megasaurs



DATE Sunday, 16 June 2019

VENUE The Gunghalin Leisure Centre

71 The Valley Avenue, Gunghalin, ACT Indoor Heated Pool with anti-wave ropes. Pool is NOT surveyed but all times recorded by MSNSW swimmers are eligible for MSNSW and National Top 10 Rankings.

START 2.00 pm warm-up for 2.30pm start

Racing in 25m Short Course Format The warm-up will be conducted in accordance with the National Safety procedures. Racing conducted over 4 lanes.

ENTRIES $5 entry fee payable on day plus pool entry

SWIMMERS PLEASE SUBMIT your entries to your club’s race secretary via email including your NAME, SEX, AGE @ 31/12/2019, DATE OF BIRTH EVENTS INC NUMBER, DISTANCE & STROKE and the TIMES YOU NOMINATE to swim in each individual event.

Race Secretaries to submit club entries by print out of the entry report from ‘Team Manager’, together with the export file of entries to be emailed electronically to the Meet Recorder John Collis at and received by the official



  1. 200m CHOICE of STROKE (please nominate stroke with entry)
  3. 50m BUTTERFLY
  4. 100m FREESTYLE (Form stroke NOT allowed)
  6. 25m FREESTYLE
  8. 100m CHOICE of FORM STROKE (please nominate stroke with entry – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, IM ONLY)
  10. 50m FREESTYLE
  13. 25m BUTTERFLY
  14. 4x50m FREESTYLE RELAY (mixed [2 women plus 2 men], men’s, and women’s teams)




Greg Gourley

Gary Stutsel Tel: 62471886

YOU and YOUR FRIENDS are welcome to attend DINNER afterwards at your own expense at …

6pm at The Raiders Club, 23 Hibberson St, Gungahlin, 2912


27th and 28th APRIL 2019, Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC)

The annual Masters Swimming NSW Long Course Championships were held at SOPAC on the weekend of the 27th and 28th April. This was later than usual as the National Championships had been held in March.

309 swimmers competed for the MSNSW pointscores and trophies from 33 NSW/ACT clubs. As well there were thirteen swimmers from 7 interstate clubs and three swimmers from overseas, a couple from Canada and a lone swimmer from New Zealand. These swimmers were eligible for medals but had no effect on the pointscores. In all there were 1305 individual swims and 129 teams contested the six relay events. This year Multiclass swimmers were integrated into the individual pointscores by using a formula that adjusted all times relative to the respective World Records.

Three of our male members competed, Mark Carroll and John Collis for Molonglo and Gary Stutsel for Tuggeranong. All three did very well although Mark was disappointed with his times. In the NSW Club Pointscore Molonglo finished 21st in the total points but were ineligible for the Average Points Trophy. Tuggeranong finished 4th overall and 3rd in the Average Points Trophy.

In the Individual Age Groups Mark came 4th from 14 swimmers, scoring a total of 41 points from a maximum of 50, John scored 35 points which gave him 6th of 17 and Gary 49 points which placed him 2nd of 8 swimmers. Gary also swam in three relay teams, the most successful of which was the 4 x 50m Mixed Medley where he teamed with Katrina Burgess, Pam Munday and Brian Curtis to finish first.  The complete results are on the MSNSW website


2018 MSNSW Long Course Championships

Age Group Name Event Time Event place
Mark Carroll  50m Backstroke 34.13 4
100m Backstroke 1:14.33 3
200m Backstroke 2:46.86 1
 50m Breaststroke 37.91 4
200m Individual Medley 2:40.16 2
John Collis  50m Breaststroke 41.07 3
100m Breaststroke 1:37.34 3
200m Breaststroke 3:37.05 2
200m Individual Medley 3:34.64 1
Gary Stutsel  50m Freestyle 36.76 1
100m Freestyle 1:36.73 2
 50m Backstroke 50.44 1
100m Backstroke 1:50.27 1
200m Backstroke 4:07.76 1

John Colli (l), Gary Stutsel (r) 2019

Mark and John also recorded Top 10 times in their Butterfly (first) leg of their Individual medleys.

Mark’s time was 32.40 and John’s 48.94.

As the National Championships in 2020 will be in Sydney and the 2020 MSNSW Short Course Championships will be held at the AIS pool it is hoped that more members will participate in lead up events this year.

MOLONGLO WATER DRAGONS RESULTS at ACT INTERCLUB 17 February 2019 in Gungahlin 50m pool

What a great meet this was for the Water Dragons! Every swimmer finished with each of their three times in the Masters Swimming NSW Top 10 for 2019. This success should be treated with some caution as there have been only four competitions to the end of February. Trinity King and Tanya Colyer swam number 1 Top 10 times in some of their events but the kings of the meet were our President John Collis and senior member Geoff Llewellyn who both scored hat-tricks. Number one in each of their three swims, then swimming with David Leake and Roger Carter they won their event and swam the second fastest time for 2019 in the Men’s 240 to 279 4 x 50m Freestyle.

The relay team was at a real disadvantage as their total age was 278 just 2 years short of the next age group. The club has at least five members who if they had been available would have put the total age over 280. The women had a smaller handicap totalling 180 years, right in the middle of the 160 to 199 age group but they equitted themselves equally well, also winning their event and swimming the second fastest Top 10 time for 2019.

With six women and five men the Water Dragons were outnumbered 2 to 1 by Tuggeranong (21 to 11) and that is roughly where the points finished with the Vikings scoring 690 to the Water Dragons 325. The 17th was not our best date as Gary Stutsel was in Milawa celebrating his 80th birthday, but it was ideal preparation for those swimmers who were going to Adelaide for the National Championships. Fortunately Di Coxon Ellis was able to fulfil the refereeing duties to ensure all swimmers were conforming with the current rules.

Now all ACT swimmers need to start their preparation for the NSW Long Course (50m pool) Championships that will be held in the AIS pool in October next year.

erstwhile President and hat-trick man John Collos

our senior swimmer and hat-trick man Geoff Llewellyn


17 February 2019 in Gungahlin 50m pool

Age Group Name Event Time Event


NSW Ranking for 2019
Nerida McCorkell  50m Freestyle 39.66 1 2
100m Freestyle 1:25.64 1 2
200m Medley 4:12.13 1 2
  Trinity King  50m Breaststroke 56.31 1 2
100m Breaststroke 2:04.21 1 1
200m Breaststroke 4:29.09 1 1
Nicole McMahon 100m Freestyle 2:00.16 2 6
200m Freestyle 4:24.67 3 4
400m Freestyle 9:12.84 3 6
Mary Liz Partridge  50m Backstroke 55.97 2 2
100m Backstroke 2:02.97 1 2
200m Backstroke 4:25.97 1 2
Susie Prest  50m Freestyle 1:00.44 1 3
100m Freestyle 2:13.91 3 5
 50m Breaststroke 1:29.50 1 3
Age Group Name Event Time Event


NSW Ranking for 2019
Tanya Colyer 100m Backstroke 2:48.50 1 4
400m Butterfly 12:30.09 1 1
200m Medley 5:53.73 3 3
Roger Carter  50m Freestyle 46.20 2 4
100m Freestyle 1:47.69 1 6
 50m Backstroke 1:14.60 2 6
David Leake  50m Freestyle 48.90 3 5
Tim Booth  50m Freestyle 38.36 2 7
400m Freestyle 6:47.14 1 4
John Collis  50m Breaststroke 42.87 1 1
100m Breaststroke 1:36.39 1 1
200m Medley 3:45.62 1 1
Geoffrey Llewellyn 100m Freestyle 2:09.47 1 1
200m Freestyle 5:01.20 1 1
400m Freestyle 10:13.14 1 1


Team and members Event Time Place in event NSW Ranking for 2019
Women 160 to 199
Trinity King, Nicole McMahon, 200m Freestyle Team 3:16.96 1 2
Mary Liz Partridge, Nerrida McCorkill
Men 240 to 279
Geoff Llewellyn, David Leake, 200m Freestyle Team 3:09.92 1 2
Roger Carter, John Collis


Total Club Points
1 Tuggeranong 690
2 Molonglo 325
3 Ginninderra 69
4 Sapphire Coast 30
Average Club Points

Minimum 5 swimmers

Swimmers Points per swimmer
1 Tuggeranong 21 32.86
2 Molonglo 11 29.55



4 November 2018 – 25m course at Gunghalin

Resplendent in our new Water Force polo shirts (see group photo), we Water Dragons were proud hosts of the meet, and rightly so. For the first time since October 2016 we came out overall winners in the interclub point score. The main reason we topped the points table was that we had more swimmers (17 of a total 39). This is one of the key messages I keep banging on about. That is, the way to win these meets is to 1) outnumber the opposition, 2) enter the maximum possible events, and 3) don’t compete against one another. We managed to almost achieve all three of these objectives, plus we had a wider spread of age groups than the Vikings.

The meet was held over a 25m course in the deep end of the 50m pool. The pool management exceeded our expectations by reserving the whole 8 lanes for our use, even though we only competed in three of these. With 39 competitors and starting at 3pm we managed to get through the 12 events by 5.50pm. After the meet a group of about 16 swimmers and helpers retired to the Raiders Club for what were oversized meals and drinks. We were all on our way home by 8pm.

It was good to see Vikings support the meet so well with 14 swimmers because several of their members left the next day to compete in the Pan Pacific Masters Games in Southport. We extended a very big thanks to all the Vikings who helped to run the meet, namely Annette Britten, Katrina Burgess, Leisa Cass, Nick Dando, Bill Eversham, Greg Gourley, Caroline Makin, Anne Smyth and Pete Sharman. It is time we started carrying our share of the officiating load. However we did have a big commitment on the day from non-swimmers Carol Croce, Denise Druitt, Emile Hofsink, Marg Larkin, David Leake, Lenny Partridge, Audrey Stutsel and Les Worthington while Roger Carter, John (the baker) Collis,  Chris Hayhoe, Trinity King, Paul Maggs, Mary Liz Partridge, Greg Reynolds and Gary Stutsel all helped while they weren’t swimming.

It was pleasing to see that the Ginninderra Marlins are getting stronger with six, mostly younger, swimmers and that Bruce Williamson of the newly formed Sapphire Coast Club was able to compete again, and was joined by 18 year old Laura Collins. With summer holidays coming up Bruce has asked that any members going down Pambula way look up Sapphire Coast Masters. It was also a welcome bonus to note that many of our swimmers have improved their times since the earlier 2018 meets.

The full results can be seen on the National Results Portal and on the MSNSW website The points table and the times and placings for each of the Water Dragons follow below. Of particular interest are the swimmers’ positions in the New South Wales Top 10 (as at the 4 November 2018).


Combined including relays (whose points are double)
Place Club Number of swimmers Points
1 Molonglo (Water Force) 17 708
2 Tuggeranong (Vikings) 14 609
3 Ginninderra (Marlins) 6 236
4 Sapphire Coast 2 79


Age Group Name Event Time Event


NSW Ranking 2018
Annika Hofsink  50m Freestyle 41.10 1 10
100m Freestyle 1:27.72 1 7
100m Backstroke 1:41.96 1 9
 25m Butterfly 20.84 1 1
  Trinity King  25m Breaststroke 26.20 2 2
 50m Breaststroke 57.68 3 6
100m Breaststroke 2:04.38 2 4
200m Breaststroke 4:26.94 2 2
Mary Liz Partridge  25m Backstroke 24.62 1 2
 50m Backstroke 51.58 1 9
100m Backstroke 2:00.33 1 3
 25m Butterfly 27.18 2 5
Tanya Colyer 100m Freestyle 2:15.57 1
 25m Backstroke 32.68 2 8
200m Butterfly 5:57.23 1 5
100m Medley 2:33.46 1
Margaret Hadfield 100m Freestyle 1:43.34 1
200m Freestyle 3:37.38 1 9
 50m Backstroke 1:00.64 1
100m Breaststroke 2:02.55 1 4
Ann Bromwich  50m Freestyle 54.88 1
100m Freestyle 2:09.11 2
 25m Butterfly 29.67 2 7
100m Medley 2:20.96 1
Chris Hayhoe 100m Freestyle 2:00.36 1
200m Freestyle 4:08.64 1
 25m Breaststroke 38.36 1
 25m Butterfly 28.90 1 6
Greg Reynolds  25m Freestyle 15.03 1 5
 25m Backstroke 18.47 1 1
Ross Burden 200m Freestyle 2:49.76 1 6
 25m Backstroke 19.70 2 4
 50m Breaststroke 48.20 1
 25m Butterfly 17.07 2 3
Nik Manassiev  50m Freestyle 30.85 1 5
100m Freestyle 1:10.53 1 6
100m Medley 1:25.87 1 5
200m Medley 3:08.22 1 4
Age Group Name Event Time Event place NSW Ranking for 2018 ytd
Roger Carter  50m Freestyle 46.05 1
100m Freestyle 1:43.09 2
200m Freestyle 3:52.06 1
Gary Simms 100m Freestyle 1:22.56 1
 25m Backstroke 23.71 1 7
 50m Breaststroke 53.78 1
 25m Butterfly 22.27 1
Tim Booth  25m Freestyle 16.02 2 7
 50m Freestyle 35.82 1
200m Freestyle 2:59.64 1 7
 25m Butterfly 20.09 2 8
John Collis  25m Freestyle 17.06 3
 25m Breaststroke 18.31 1 4
 50m Breaststroke 40.34 1 5
100m Breaststroke 1:33.89 1 5
Paul Maggs  25m Freestyle 19.15 2 7
 50m Freestyle 43.98 2
100m Freestyle 1:49.65 2 8
200m Freestyle 4:29.36 1 6
Gary Stutsel  25m Freestyle 16.49 1 1
 50m Freestyle 36.24 1 3
100m Freestyle 1:28.93 1 5
 25m Butterfly 21.48 1 2
Geoff Llewellyn  25m Freestyle 22.62 1 2
 50m Freestyle 54.17 1 2
100m Freestyle 2:04.65 1 1
200m Freestyle 4:32.75 1 1



Women 160-199
Mary-Liz Partridge, Trinity King, 4 x 25m Medley 1:32.23 2 4
Annika Hofsink, Marg Hadfield
Men 200-239
Greg Reynolds, Gary Simms, 4 x 25m Medley 1:15.11 1 6
Nik Manassiev, Tim Booth
Men 280 to 319
Geoff Llewellyn, John Collis, 4 x 25m Medley 1:31.41 1 5
Ross Burden, Gary Stutsel
Mixed 240-279
Ann Bromwich, Paul Maggs, 4 x 25m Medley 1:51.80 1 8
Chris Hayhoe, Roger Carter



15 September 2018 over 25m course

This year Tuggeranong Vikings took two big steps to attract NSW swimmers to their annual swim meet. Their date, the 15th September, aligned with the first weekend of Floriade. Then instead of holding their “three swim” Tuggeranong Challenge, they elected to conduct a BPS meet (Masters Swimming NSW Branch Point-Score meet). The BPS is an annual point-score that is conducted over the results of 16 swim meets held between January and December. There are 51 clubs in Masters NSW including the three ACT clubs, and they are divided into four divisions with approximately 13 clubs in each division.

As expected the meet attracted a number of clubs that were keen to add to their 2018 tally. Apart from the three ACT clubs and the Pambula based Sapphire Coast Club there were seven NSW clubs from Division 1, four from Division 2, and two from Division 3 making a total of 17 competing clubs. However probably due to the high cost of local accommodation the numbers from each club were not very high. Wett Ones, the largest visiting club, had 10 swimmers. The other clubs from north and west of Newcastle, the Illawarra, the Blue Mountains and Sydney ranged in numbers from one to eight swimmers. In total there were 89 swimmers competing in up to 4 individual events each and a relay over almost four hours.

Molonglo had a very disappointing contingent with just five men. This was even surpassed by Ginninderra (CISAC pool) with four women and four men and equalled by recently formed Sapphire Coast (Pambula) with five swimmers. Hopefully our numbers were down because it was a Saturday afternoon and many Water Dragons had regular commitments. If there weren’t any compelling reasons for the low attendance then it doesn’t look good for our time-trial meet at Gunghalin on Sunday 4th November. The Vikings could be excused for feeling we had let them down were it not for the tireless efforts of David Leake who single-handedly filled our time-keeping commitments and Audrey Stutsel who marshalled for the whole meet. John Collis (Judge of Stroke) and Gary Stutsel (Inspector of Turns) were also on duty when they weren’t competing.

Our five competitors committed themselves well, helped by the fact they were all in different age groups. This maximised our points with Matt Piroglu (40-44 years) scoring 29 points from 3 events, Nick Manassiev (55-59) 39 from 4 events, John Collis (65-69) 38 from 4 events, Tim Mather (70-74) 40 from 4 events (which was maximum possible) and Gary Stutsel (75-79) 39 from 4 events. As you will see in our full results following, almost all of our swims made the NSW Top 10 for 2018.

l to r Tim, Gary, John, Matt and Nik

Our outstanding effort of the meet was the 4 x 50m Freestyle relay team of, in order of swimming, Gary Stutsel, Tim Mather, Nick Manassiev and Matt Piroglou the anchorman. Swimming in the 240-279 age group the team which was favoured to win swam alongside main rivals Campbelltown. Our captain John Collis nominated for us to swim slowest to fastest while Campbelltown chose to swim fastest to slowest. Their first swimmer came in a good 10m in front of Gary then Tim slipped further behind. Nick picked up more than Tim had lost, and finally Matt not only caught his oponent but surged past him to finish almost 8 seconds in front. This magnificent effort earned us the maximum 20 points, 2nd ranking in the NSW Top 10 and 5th in the National Top 10.

Our combine total points were 205 which placed us 7th of the17 clubs, but we did even better in the Average Points per Swimmer coming 3rd. This was ahead of both the Vikings who were overall winners and Ginninderra who were 3rd overall.

[views expressed above do not represent the opinions of anyone other the author, Gary Stutsel]


15 September 2018 – Lakeside Leisure Centre 25m course

Name Age group and place in group event time place NSW ranking for 2018
Matt Piroglu 40-44                      4th  50m Backstroke 35.88 2
 50m Breaststroke 39.97 1 7
 50m Butterfly 30.05 1 2
Nick Manassiev 55-59                        1st  50m Freestyle 30.58 1 5
100m Freestyle 1:11.39 1 3
100m Medley 1:28.48 2 5
200m Medley 3:08.55 1 3
John Collis 65-69                       3rd  50m Backstroke 47.56 2 9
 50m Breaststroke 42.05 1 6
100m Breaststroke 1:33.43 1 4
100m Medley 1:39.73 2
Timothy Mather 70-74                      1st  50m Freestyle 37.46 1 7
100m Freestyle 1:31.21 1 5
200m Freestyle 3:25.08 1 3
 50m Backstroke 48.08 1 5
Gary Stutsel 75-79                       2nd 100m Freestyle 1:39.96 2 5
100m Backstroke 1:49.06 1 4
100m Breaststroke 2:03.33 1 2
200m Breaststroke 5:10.81 1 1




Men’s 240 to 279
Gary Stutsel, Timothy Mather 200m Freestyle Team 2:17.23 1 2
Nick Manassiev, Matt Piroglu




Total Club Points

(including relays which score double points)

Average Club Points

(total divided by number of swimmers)

club points place club Average points place
Tuggeranong 857 1 Oak Flats 43.25 1
Wett Ones 356 2 Campbelltown 41.80 2
Ginninderra (CISAC) 289 3 Molonglo 41.00 3
Ryde 262 4 Tuggeranong 38.95 4
Warringah 218 5 Ryde 37.43 5
Campbelltown 209 6 Warringah 36.33 6
Molonglo 205 7 Ginninderra 36.13 7
Oak Flats 173 8 Wett Ones 35.60 8
Sapphire Coast 157 9 Sapphire Coast 31.40 9


There were 8 other clubs competing that finished as follows in the total points scored:

10th Seaside Pirates (99 points), 11th Blacktown (80), 12th Maitland (75), 13th Wollongong (62),

equal 14th Wests Auburn (37), Raymond Terrace (37), 16th North Shore (36), 17th Blue Mountains (30)