Early Winter Interclub 16 June 2018 – 25m course at Gunghalin

On a clear sunny Canberra Sunday afternoon 46 swimmers, 8 non-swimming officials and about a dozen non swimming supporters met at the Gungahlin Leisure Centre. The workers arrived before 1.30pm to set everything up with the able assistance of Lachlan and his staff at the Centre. As it was winter there was hardly another person in the deep end of the pool where we were to swim, even though we had booked only four of the eight lanes for our use.

After everything was set up, the competition got under way five minutes late at 2.35pm. Why five minutes late? Because we had to almost beg for 8 timekeepers to come forward. Perhaps we need to insist that participating clubs supply one full time timekeeper for every five swimmers or something along those lines. As it was, apart from a handful of dedicated full timers, most of our timekeepers were also competing so there was a constant turnover. On the other hand it was heart warming to see David Leake one of our Queanbeyan members going through his paces as trainee Chief Timekeeper. Under the watchful eye of Tuggeranong’s Ann Reid, David came through this pressure test with flying colours. Well done David.

Our non-swimming officials Lenny Partridge and Audrey Stutsel were busy all afternoon with Audrey marshalling the swimmers into their heats and Lenny working with Pete Sharman on recording all the results. Marg Larkin with a little help especially from President John organised the refreshments, that is tea, coffee and water with cakes and biscuits. A big thank you to Nerida McCorkell and Phil Browning, Roger Carter, Mary Liz Partridge, John Collis, Keran Titmuss and to anyone I have missed who brought along cakes or biscuits.

There was a full program of 11 individual events and a relay. Competitors were allowed to swim in four of the individual events and the majority did. This meant that over three hours they had five events, about one every 30 minutes, although several swam in two consecutive 25 metre events giving them only five minutes between both swims. Despite the pressure almost all of our swimmers swam faster than their entry times and it was pleasing to see that every Water Dragon swim was in the Top 25 for New South Wales (NSW) this year. For the actual results see the table of detailed results that follows.

Two of our swimmers swam a number 1 time, that is the fastest time in their event and age group in NSW this year. They were our President John Collis and Chris Loose our Queanbeyan Co-ordinator. It was great to welcome the four-swimmer team from Sapphire Coast again and to also have Stephen de Lorenzo of the Penrith Club, our only Sydney swimmer. We look forward to being joined by swimmers from Goulburn and Young when next we compete.

Gininderra Club from the CISAC Pool fielded a team of five while Tuggeranong had 19 and we Water Dragons 17. Unfortunately Geoff Llewellyn, Nerrida McCorkell and Gary Stutsel were unable to swim. There presence may have been able to help us edge out the Vikings but as it was they outscored us 805 to 744.

While the full results for all swimmers are available on both the National Results Portal and the MSNSW website, the times and places for each of the Water Dragons follow below. Of particular interest are the swimmers’ positions in the New South Wales Top 25 (as at 16th June 2019).

Photo: President, John Collis, leading the Water Dragons cheering squad.

Age Group Name Event Time Event place NSW Ranking for 2019 ytd
50-54 Karen Titmuss  50m Freestyle 36.59 1 5
100m Freestyle 1:26.21 1 4
50m Breaststroke 45.28 1 2
100m Breaststroke 1:41.59 1 2
Mary Liz Partridge  25m Freestyle 22.27 2 7
 25m Backstroke 25.95 3 3
 50m Backstroke 56.81 3 5
 25m Breaststroke 31.88 1 3
55-59 Tanya Colyer  25m Backstroke 32.27 2 11
 50m Backstroke 1:13.75 2 6
100m Butterfly 2:49.03 2 4
200m Medley 5:43.56 1 3
Marg Larkin 100m Freestyle 1:40.72 2 7
200m Freestyle 3:41.42 2 7
65-69 Chris Hayhoe  50m Freestyle 52.07 2 8
200m Freestyle 4:12.44 1 7
 25m Backstroke 33.60 2 12
 25m Butterfly 29.06 1 6
35-39 Alistair Buttimore  50m Freestyle 32.34 1 7
100m Freestyle 1:14.24 1 5
100m Medley 1:24.56 1 5
45-49 Brendon Tasker  25m Freestyle 14.15 1 4
 50m Freestyle 31.53 2 4
200m Freestyle 2:46.57 1 5
50-54 Phil Browning  25m Freestyle 19.11 1 9
 50m Freestyle 44.40 1 9
 25m Backstroke 23.86 1 2
 25m Breaststroke 26.41 1 4
55-59 Chris Loose  50m Freestyle 33.50 1 4
100m Freestyle 1:26.77 1 5
 25m Breaststroke 18.93 1 1
 50m Breaststroke 42.87 1 3
David Specker  25m Freestyle 14.69 1 3
 50m Freestyle 36.37 3 7
 25m Backstroke 20.44 1 3
 25m Breaststroke 25.73 3 6
60-64 Roger Carter  25m Freestyle 19.96 3 12
 50m Freestyle 45.02 3 19
100m Freestyle 1:41.29 3 11
 25m Backstroke 33.12 3 9
David Leake  25m Freestyle 21.12 4 13
 50m Freestyle 49.00 4 20
Gary Simms 100m Freestyle 1:23.72 2 6
 25m Backstroke 25.39 2 8
 50m Breaststroke 54.62 1 5
 25m Butterfly 21.84 2 3
65-69 Tim Booth  50m Freestyle 35.07 2 5
100m Freestyle 1:23.39 1 2
200m Freestyle 2:55.58 1 2
 25m Butterfly 20.09 2 3
John Collis  25m Breaststroke 18.04 1 1
 50m Breaststroke 40.63 1 2
200m Breaststroke 3:25.40 1 2
100m Medley 1:31.69 1 3
70-74 Peter Coggins  25m Freestyle 17.72 1 4
 50m Freestyle 43.41 1 5
100m Freestyle 1:46.93 1 3
200m Freestyle 4:07.19 1 5
75-79 Paul Maggs  25m Freestyle 20.46 1 8
 50m Freestyle 45.58 1 9
100m Freestyle 1:54.12 1 4
200m Freestyle 4:35.76 1 5


Women 200-239
Chris Hayhoe, Tanya Colyer 4 x 50m Freestyle 3:21.65 2 8
Mary-Liz Partridge, Karen Titmuss
Men 160-199
David Specker, Phi Browning 4 x 50m Freestyle 2:22.28 2 4
Brendon Tasker, Alistair Buttimore
Men 240-279
Gary Simms, Roger Carter 4 x 50m Freestyle 2:43.47 1 3
David Leake, Chris Loose
Mixed 280-319
Paul Maggs, Peter Coggins 4 x 50m Freestyle 2:42.12 1 4
John Collis, Tim Booth


Combined including relays (whose points are double)
Place Club Points
1 Tuggeranong (Vikings) 805
2 Molonglo (Water Force) 744
3 Ginninderra (Marlins) 145
4 Sapphire Coast (Bega-Pambula) 128

Keeping it in the family

Two years ago Molonglo Water Dragons President John Collis was awarded Male Swimmer of the Meet at the 2017 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games. John had swum three first places, each in record time, plus a second and a third to score better than any other male.

John returned to Cairns recently for the 2019 Games along with Gary Stutsel. This time John’s efforts were frustrated by Paul Gibson, of Darwin, a newcomer to the Games. John finished the meet with one gold (and a new record in the 50m Breaststroke) and five silver medals from the 50m and 100m Backstroke, the 100m and 200m Breaststroke and the 200m Individual Medley. Unfortunately John could not swim the maximum nine events as he had to leave early to attend the 50th year reunion of his high school graduation.

Club Treasurer, Gary, swam the maximum possible nine individual events to score first place in each, all in record times. Gary also swam in a relay team that won gold and broke a record. This gave him 10 gold medals, 10 records and Male Swimmer of the Meet. Gary also broke the Masters Swimming NSW record for the 100m Backstroke. This record had stood for 16 years!

Both swimmers are now looking forward to the rest of 2019 with several more competitions to come starting with the ACT Interclub Masters at Gungahlin on the 16th June.

Also competing in Cairns was Ron Watkins of the Tuggeranong Vikings Club. John swam against Gary and came away with two silver medals.

Well done the Water Dragons!

Both of our swimmers results are shown over the page. The full results can be seen at http://portal.msarc.org.au/meets/index.php?EventId=153534&filter=*&split=no&scope=&js=on



Name Event Time Event  place NSW Ranking
John Collis  50m Backstroke 44.91 2 6
100m Backstroke 1:46.88 2 7
  50m Breaststroke 40.51 1 2
100m Breaststroke 20.84 2 3
200m Breaststroke 3:37.99 2 2
200m Medley 3:32.95 2 2
Gary Stutsel  50m Freestyle 36.55 1 1
100m Freestyle 1:28.93 1 1
  50m Backstroke 48.58 1 1
100m Backstroke 1:45.05 1 1
200m Backstroke 4:00.65 1 1
 50m Breaststroke 1:01.77 1 3
100m Breaststroke 2:28.55 1 2
  50m Butterfly 53.27 1 2
200m Medley 4:13.71 1 2
Ron Watkins  50m Backstroke 57.23 2 2
 50m Butterfly 56.88 2 3

Both John and Gary swam an event about every 30 minutes and Gary’s Butterfly leg in the Mixed Medley Relay was swum in 53.49, only 0.22 seconds slower than his individual event.  Ron who was recovering from an injured shoulder was entered in three events but missed his 50m Freestyle swim due to unexpectedly heavy traffic.

Unfortunately Paul Maggs who had intended to swim could not attend as his wife June had to have an operation.